I, Banquo by Tim Crouch

A One Man Journey into the heart of Shakespeare's Macbeth

I, Banquo is a retelling of the story of Macbeth from the perspective of Banquo, Macbeth's murdered best friend. In Tim Crouch's excellent adaptation Banquo talks directly to the audience, asking them to put themselves in Macbeth's position, to think about his motives and desires 

So. Just imagine. You're my oldest friend. Imagine you're kind and brave and worthy and noble and good. Imagine we're equals, evens. Mates. Thanes. You of Glamis, the Thane of Glamis. You're the Thane of Glameis. Me of Lochaber. Imagine. Not too hard is it?

The storytelling nature of the script means that in addition to being thoroughly entertaining it is perfect for those seeking a deeper understanding into the text and character of Macbeth. We had a number of school classes into see the show and they absolutely loved it!

"Overall I think that this was a brilliant performance that will definitely help the GCSE pupils next year understand the story of Macbeth." - Rathmore Grammar School

"An amazing fast-paced performance that had me on the edge of my seat" - Victoria Grammar School

It was a pleasure to perform this amazing script at the Lyric Theatre, we absolutely loved it - see what other people had to say below.

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