How these desperate Men Talk by Enda Walsh

"What happens when I run out of words? What happens then?"

How These Desperate Men Talk shows two men locked in a seemingly endless search for the truth.  Something has happened in their past and they are going over the story again and again and again until they are satisfied. But what will stop the search? The Truth? Is that Enough?

DAVE: Really? You think this might be the truth?
JOHN: Well, that doesn't matter, does it?
DAVE: Doesn't it?
JOHN: The exact truth hardly matters, Dave. Are you joking!

Teaser Trailer shot by Oisín

This short play by Enda Walsh is only around 15 minutes long. The final monologue is the same as the opening, giving the impression that the whole conversation loops back to the top again. For Belfast Culture Night we decided to do just that. Start over again. And again. And again. And again.

We performed the play over 10 times back to back for nearly three hours.

This epic piece of endurance theatre was made possible through collaberation with renowned live artist Alastair Maclennan, emphasising the cyclical nature of the script and creating a drop-in drop-out performance perfect for the atmosphere of Belfast Culture Night.

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Weird as fuck
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It was brilliant!! 
Such a pity that not everyone stopped to watch
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