"...I'll tell it once. One time, because it deserves to be told, and then never again" 

At Pan Narrans we are passionate about story telling. See our about page for the quote which inspired our name. This passion for story-telling has lead us to the incredible script - BASH: Latter-day Plays by Neil LaBute.

BASH is made up of three pieces of short, dark, story-telling theatre, almost confession-like in their intimacy. Featuring characters who are all members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), it was this play which was responsible for Neil laBute being forced to leave the church.

Iphigenia in Orem

A young man talks to a stranger in a Vegas hotel room, recounting the story of his recently deceased child. 

A Gaggle of Saints

An attractive couple talk to the audience, describing a recent trip to New York city and their interactions with some of the locals.

Medea Redux

A woman recalls her relationship with an old teacher.

Each play is an exploration of the complexities of evil in everyday life, each part updating a different Greek tragedy to modern-day America with the gruesomeness intact.


Story-telling theatre at its purist. 

The Barracks is located at 8-10 exchange place. Upstairs above the back of the Duke of York.


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